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Getting Here

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Parking + Shuttle

For festival pass holders or day-of entry:  Parking is at KM40 (West Side) Hacienda Rancho Santini (click link for google maps) and costs $100 M.N ($50 M.N. with local ID) or $5 USD.  The shuttle will run continuously between the lot and Las Rocas Resort from 5pm - 1am on Friday,10:00am - 1:00am on Saturday, and 10am - 5pm on Sunday.

ONLY for hotel guests:  Parking will be available at Las Rocas Resort (click link for google maps).  Due to limited parking, your vehicle will likely need to be valeted by the resort.  So please ensure to bring all desired items to your room.  Your call will still be accessible at any time using the valet service.  After parking, your reservation and festival wristbands are held at the front desk.  If you need additional wristbands, they can be purchased online and retrieved from the ticketing table (corridor leading west just south of the main hotel entrance).  Ticketing will open at 4pm Friday and 10am on Saturday.


See PARKING for links to driving directions depending on where you will be parking

Google Maps will provide the best directions even when crossing the border

Please remember the following things when crossing into Mexico:

1)  Guns, ammo, and drugs are all prohibited in Mexico

2)  Mexican Auto Insurance is REQUIRED.  Even if your US policy covers you within a certain distance of the border, you still need a local policy to cover liability insurance to drive in Mexico.  Visit BAJA BOUND to easily obtain affordable weekend policies.

3)  Please watch out border crossing video for an idea of what to expect while crossing.  Border Agents are mostly looking to inspect cars with a strong tint, vehicles with covered truck beds, vans without windows, campers, etc.   Agents are mainly looking for the items listed in #1 above, but if you have brand new equipment, appliances or unopened boxes in your vehicle, they may believe you are importing goods for sale and will charge you an importation tax.  It's best to clear your car of these items prior to entering, or have cash to pay importation taxes on new items (typically 15-25% of the new value).  Personally, in my last 10 crossings I have been inspected only once, and even got through with a camper last week.  But it is always best to be prepared for an inspection.  In 15 years of traveling to Baja, inspections have never lasted longer than 5 minutes - so these are never detailed inspections.

4)  Friday afternoon traffic has become very bad since the population has exploded since COVID.  We highly recommend trying to cross before 2pm on Friday.

5)  Follow these videos for returning to the United States and finding the correct lane based on your border access.  Remember that ALL PASSENGERS need Sentri to use the Sentri lanes.  





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